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Brian L. Troutwine is a software engineer with a focus on fault tolerance and real-time critical systems. He works extensively in Erlang and is a senior engineer with AdRoll on the real-time bidding project. Brian is likes things that go boom on failure.

Brian's Talk

Getting Uphill on a Candle: Crushed Spines, Detached Retinas and One Small Step

Looking back through history, we often view NASA’s early mission in terms of “getting to the Moon”, discussing how this or that program served the purpose of answering Kennedy’s challenge. This is wrong-headed. In this talk I will discuss aeronautics research beginning with the Writght Brothers and ending with the first Shuttle launch in 1981. We’ll see how NASA is an organization whose primary mission is basic research and development in aeronautics for the benefit of the public at large and space exploration. We’ll see how the Lunar Program was a focusing of research to a practical, political aim which built off decades of basic research and necessarily side-lined other programs. It’s my aim to convince you that Moonshot projects cannot be considered independently of their organizations and its history.