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Fred Hebert is the author of Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!, a free online (also paid for, on paper) book designed to teach Erlang, and of Erlang in Anger, a follow-up ebook about operating Erlang systems in production. He works as a lead member of technical staff on Heroku’s routing team, helping design, program, maintain, and operate large scale distributed systems in the cloud, more often than not written in Erlang.

Prior to that, he worked at AdGear, helping develop and operate a real-time bidding service in Erlang, right after having spent a year writing training material and teaching Erlang professionally.

Fred's Talk

The Adventures of printf: A Short Story

Fred’s busy on his latest creative work — the story of a character named printf who discovers the true meaning of why we write software. We don’t have much more than that. It’s like that scene in Barton Fink where they ask Barton to show them what he has so far, and Barton’s just getting over an all-nighter of brain storming — he’s like, “I’m never really comfortable discussing work in progress. I got it all worked out in my head, but sometimes, if you force it into words… prematurely… uh, the wrong words… Well, your meaning changes, and it changes in your own mind, and you never get it back, so I’d… I’d just as soon not talk about it.”

And we’re like, “Fred, we respect your artistry and your methods. If you can’t fill us in yet, hell, we should be kissing your feet for your fine efforts!”