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After giving up her very brief but fun music career, Irina has become and happily has been a software engineer since the last millennium. She loves her career choice as it allows her to solve very challenging problems here and there and also it goes well with her lifelong addiction to keyboards. As much as she liked programming she had no affection for any particular programming language. Started out as a C/C++/Java developer and was fairly content with it until she discovered… Erlang! Erlang was love at first sight, and any subsequent programming of highly distributed systems in Java has become primarily an eye-rolling exercise. Irina presently enjoys her work as a Senior Architect at HERE, “the leading location cloud”. Besides that, she’s an avid weekend artist, taking day-to-day objects and turning them into sureal fantasyscape awesomeness.

Irina's Talk

In Search of the Perfect Abstraction for My Web App

High-level software abstractions in the context of a scalable web app. Present Erlang, Elixir, and Phoenix as great examples of powerful and useful abstractions. Also discuss a number of other languages and frameworks – their strengths and shortcomings.