Garrett Smith, October 4, 2015

City Code Logistics

If you’re holding a ticket for City Code right now you’re super happy — but also a little unsure about what it all means. You know it’s all going down on Friday October 9 2015, but what about those important details? We’ll attempt to answer all your questions here.

How early do I have to wake up?

That depends. Here are two important times that apply to Friday:

  • Registration opens at 8:00 AM
  • Stuff starts happening on stage at 9:00 AM

Using this critical information, start with your target arrival time and work allll the way back to when you’ll need to wake up. Set your alarm for that time.

If that seems really early, just imagine what City Code staff alarm clocks look like!

Do I need to print my ticket

You do not need to print your ticket. We simply need the name your ticket is registered under, we’ll issue your official awesome City Code wrist band, and you’re in!

Where exactly do I go?

City Code is in Second City’s UP Comedy Club, which is inside Piper’s Alley mall at 230 W North Ave:

This is a different theater from Second City’s main stage, which is on Wells Street. Use the map above. Trust the map. The map is correct.

Is there parking?

Yes! Parking is super convenient. Use Piper’s Alley parking — it’s literally adjacent to the theater!

Once parked inside the garage, go to the third level and step inside the glass doors, walk down the hall and turn left — you’ll see us!

What about handicap access?

Use the entrance to Piper’s Alley parking on North avenue, just west of the Piper’s Alley entrance. Look for the “Sport Fitness” sign. Use the elevator to go to the third level, where you can gain access to Piper’s Alley. We’re just down the hall on your left.

Should I eat something before arriving?

We will be providing coffee and other beverages starting at 8:00 AM. We won’t have breakfast items however. Don’t fear! We have provided an essential map for survival, which places that have quick breakfast items – all within walking distance of Second City!

And while there are many great options, smart money is on La Fournette — just across the street from the Piper’s Alley entrance. Unless you have an allergy to delicious French inspired breakfast treats, you won’t regret it!

I’m there, now what?

Check out the City Code program for a mind blowing account of the plan!

So where’s my swag?

City Code’s bare metal pricing has limited our ability to purchase some of the extras that you might find in more expensive conferences. That means no t-shirts, backpacks, coffee cup warmers, or magnets for your fridge.

There are wristbands though, which are totally sweet.

Where’s my Wifi??

Okay, this is going to be hard. There’s no generally available Wifi at the venue. What does this mean? You will have to watch the conference talks and not distract yourself with work or Slack or Facebook but who uses Facebook anyway?

I don’t have a smart phone with data — what am I going to do???

Breath, relax. It’s going to be okay. We will provide the human essentials of water, food and bathroom facilities. Internet connectivity is very important, but it’s not strictly needed for human survival.

If you are desperate — and that does happen — the Starbucks, which is literally next door to the venue, has Wifi. It’s a Starbucks. It has coffee and Wifi — that’s what Starbucks does. We installed it there just for you.

City Code is over, now what?

Unless you are bionic you’ll be mentally and emotionally drained — as we haven’t left anything one single thing on the table for City Code! But hopefully you’ll be happy and ready to spend some time with the new friends you made during the day.

We have some space reserved for folks to gather after City Code. It’s just a short distance from the Second City. We’ll announce the location during the closing of City Code.