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Sean Cribbs is Senior Principal Engineer at Comcast/NBC Universal, developing infrastructure software that powers the largest cable Internet and media provider in the USA. Previously, he was Technical Lead at Basho Technologies, where he contributed to almost every part of Riak. An Erlanger since 2008, Sean created the Neotoma PEG/packrat-parser library in 2009, which tackles recognition tasks for many popular Erlang projects.

Sean's Talk

The Refreshingly Rewarding Realm of Research Papers

Have you ever run into a thorny problem that makes your code slow or complicated, for which there is no obvious solution? Have you ever needed a data structure that your languageā€™s standard library didn’t provide? You might need to implement a research paper!

While much of research in Computer Science doesn’t seem relevant to your everyday web application, all of those tools and techniques you use daily originally came from research! In this talk we’ll learn why you might want to read and implement research papers, how to read them for relevant information, and how to translate what they describe into code and test the results. Finally, we’ll discuss examples of research implementation I’ve been involved in and the relationships I’ve built with researchers in the process.